To inspire optimism and passion in professionals to reinvent oral health.


Our association is driven by values which are engrained in the hearts and minds of every member. These are enshrined in our work ethics and we share the same with clients who access Oral Health care.

Innovation: To address development issues by looking beyond the obvious, experimenting and stimulating creativity.

Passion: To excel through quality, to delight our clients, to enjoy our work.

Compassion: Temporarily suspending judgment so that we can appreciate others’ perspectives or situations when they are different from our own.

Courage: It allows us to move through our fears, to make difficult choices and take specific actions that we know will be difficult, challenging, and at times painful but in our best interest and the interest of our clients.

Optimism: We set positive expectations of others and ourselves. We are continually planning and working for success, choosing to contribute rather than criticize, looking to the future with enthusiasm.

Integrity: a steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. We approach our responsibilities with utmost regard for truth, honesty and sincerity.

Our Team

We are dedicated Oral Health professionals, recognized by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and world Health Organisation (WHO) as unique and distinct and not a sub-specialty of any profession.